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Cattle Feeding

King Ranch operates their feed yard on the same principles of integrity, stability and hard work that have made King Ranch an exemplary cattle enterprise since 1853.

photo_feedingWe invite you to explore your options of retained ownership and custom feeding, backed by a professional staff ready to assist you in any manner possible.

King Ranch Feed Yard is located on site in South Texas with excellent access to all classes of feeder cattle and a ready source of competitively priced feed ingredients. We specialize in feeding light weight cattle of all kinds, and our performance is second to none. We maintain an excellent relationship with Sam Kane Packing in Corpus Christi and are experts in marketing crossbred and “upgrading” types of cattle. We also offer feed financing, pre-conditioning, cattle procurement and a host of other services. We also maintain an inventory of cattle for resale or partnership
available at all times.

For more information on cattle feeding, contact:

Willie Pakebusch
King Ranch Feedyard
P.O. Box 1090
Kingsville, Texas 78364-1090
Office: (361) 595-5683
Cell: (361) 219-0409

For more information on cattle procurement, partnership arrangements, etc., contact:

Jeff Jorgenson
Stockers and Feeders Area Manager
P.O. Box 1090
Kingsville, TX 78364-1090
Office: (361) 221-0317
Cell: (361) 219-0434