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Come visit King Ranch – a living legend!

Motorcoach Tours must be a minimum of 25 individuals and provide their own transportation in order to receive a group rate.

Founded by legendary Captain Richard King, in 1853, King Ranch is known as the birthplace of the ranching industry in America and is a National Historic Landmark. Today King Ranch, operating as a single producer, owns one of the largest beef cattle herds in the United States.


Begin your visit at the Ranch Visitor Center on Highway 141 west of Kingsville where you will meet the King Ranch guide who will accompany your group throughout your visit. A cup of coffee awaits each visitor.


The journey begins at the historic Santa Gertrudis Creek where Captain King first camped in 1852. Nearby, modern brush clearing equipment, land-going leviathans conceived and developed on King Ranch to clear mesquite and huisache from the pastures, has found a permanent parking place. Continuing your trip, your guide will explain the history and the modern day workings of the Ranch. You will see the Calera Pens where at roundup time the cattle are vaccinated, branded, and tagged. Keen eyes will spot wildlife along the way, and our wildlife tours are a totally separate program. Tours will pass the auction arena, the horse cemetery, and the Colony – home of the Kinenos or King’s Men. Historic buildings include Mrs. King’s carriage house, the Commissary with its lookout tower, the show barn, and the grand home built in 1912 by Captain King’s widow, Henrietta.


For those who want a more comprehensive tour of the ranch agricultural operations, tours of the farming operations and/or the feedlot/feedmill operations can be scheduled. Approximately 60,000 acres of King Ranch are under cultivation. Grain sorghum (milo) and cotton are the major crops grown in South Texas. King Ranch maintains its own cotton gin and grain storage facilities. Plan on 1-hour to tour the farming operations. The King Ranch Feedlot has a capacity of about 15,000 head of cattle. Feed for these animals is prepared at the adjacent feedmill. One hour is needed to travel to each of these sites separately.




Be sure to include a visit to the King Ranch Museum, located in one of Kingsville’s most historic buildings, the Henrietta Memorial Center, at 405 N. 6th Street. This 1907 building was Kingsville’s ice factory and power plant until it was purchased by King Ranch and renovated to house the family historical collection. See Toni Frissell’s award-winning photographic essay of life on King Ranch in the early 1940’s. The Museum contains a vehicle collection dating from the beginnings of the Ranch to the modern day. Study the saddles brought to Kingsville from the properties once owned by King Ranch on five continents.


Extend your stay and enjoy shopping at the King Ranch Saddle Shop at 201 E. Kleberg in Kingsville’s Historic District where fine products are crafted from rugged King Ranch leather. The Historic District is a shopper’s dreamland, offering art, handmade articles, books, fine gifts, South Texas speciality shops, and dining opportunities to quench your hunger and thirst. Visit their website at


Ring the cook’s dinner bell and experience a barbeque at an historic King Ranch cowboy camphouse. Lunch and dinner menus include beef brisket and smoked sausage prepared over a mesquite wood fire, potato salad or coleslaw, campbeans, relishes, and beverage.

For tours of other attractions in Kingsville, please contact the City of Kingsville Tourism Department, 1501 Hwy. 77, Kingsville, Texas 78363, telephone 1-800-333-5032.

BOOKING POLICY: All King Ranch group tours must be scheduled and confirmed through the King Ranch Visitor Center (361-592-8055). Tours are available 7 days a week with the exception of certain holidays. Tours will be booked according to availability. Motor Coach Tours must be a minimum of 25 individuals and provide their own transportation in order to receive a group rate. Groups will provide their own transportation in order to receive a group rate. There must be room in the vehicle for a King Ranch guide. The motor coach driver is always a complimentary admission. One escort will be also included as a complimentary admission for groups of 30 or more. Groups unable to provide their own transportation may be able to schedule King Ranch vehicles for tours at times that do not conflict with regularly scheduled King Ranch daily tours. Group rates do not apply when King Ranch vehicles are used. School groups may qualify for special rates. Forty-eight hours notice is required for cancellation of a tour. Failure to notify the King Ranch Visitor Center Office 48-hours in advance will result in a minimum charge of $30.00. Meal requests require a 72 hour (3 day) advance confirmation in writing. Group cancellation of meals requires 72 hours notice. Groups failing to give 72 hours advance notice of meal cancellation to King Ranch will be charged for the meals. Payment for group tours is payable upon arrival, but credit card information must be given in order to secure a tour reservation. Please make checks payable to King Ranch, Inc. and include applicable sales taxes (6.75%). Proof of insurance is required for commercial operators. Prices good through December 31, 2013.

Rev. 08/31/2012

Additional information may be obtained by calling (361) 592-8055, email, or by writing to King Ranch Visitor Center, P.O. Box 1090, Kingsville, Texas 78364-1090 or at